Official Bio for Release:

Meagan Chandler is a performance artist, expressive arts educator, and Flamenco singer. Meagan’s pursuits in music, movement, and service to community have taken her around the world.  Her studies and experience include Estill Voice Training™, Jazz and western musical styles, various ethnic music and dance forms, and a specialty in Spanish Flamenco. Meagan has toured nationally singing Flamenco with such groups as Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Maria Benitez’ Next Generation, Julia Chacon’s Inspiracion Flamenca, and the CBJ Flamenco ensemble.  In 2012 she played Emma Goldman in the radical Santa Fe debut performance of “Love and Emma Goldman: A Rock Opera”.  She has also studied intensively in various healing/martial movement forms, rites of passage work, and ceremonial arts, including a deep apprenticeship to SomaSource® body centered transformational programs with Melissa Michaels.  Meagan has extensive experience doing arts education programs with Carlota Santana’s Project Olé based in North Carolina, and works with Sage Hamilton for Gateway Apprenticeship program, offering youth an opportunity to develop their authentic creative voice through performance arts and cultural studies. She released her first original album, “Sensual” in 2013, and her voice can be found on many other collaborative efforts.  She is currently a professional performer, original songwriter, and recording artist, and offers therapeutic and creative voice sessions to youth and adults across the United States.

Curriculum Vitae

Expertise and Areas of Interest:
-Performance Art (singing, dance, theatre, poetry, multimedia, directing, recording)
-Authentic and soulful Education -Vocal Technique
-Resourcing through Body and Voice
-Spanish Flamenco
-Creative Ceremonial Arts
-Human Development
-Rites of Passage
-Cultural Bridging
-Various Middle Eastern and Mediterranean music forms

Professional Performance Experience:
“Love and Emma Goldman” Rock Opera Debut, NM, 2012.
-CBJ Flamenco Ensemble, VA, PA, OH, IL, CA, 2012.
-Inspiracion Flamenca, NM, GA, Mexico, 2006-2012
-“Rites of Love” Fundraiser, CO, 2011.
-Flamenco Inside/Out Ensemble w/Lia Ochoa, NY, 2010.
-Circus Luminous, NM, 2008/10.
-Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana Project Olé Cartwheels, NC, 2008/9.
-Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, NY, MD, PA, VA, GA, CA, 2008.
-Maria Benitez’ Next Generation Flamenco Ensemble, NM, 2006-2009
-Marian Benitez’ Estampa Flamenca, NM 2007.
-Medjool gypsy Americana fusion band, 2007-2008.
-Barbelfish Balkan Band, CO, 2006-2008.
-The Hermanito Project fund raiser for troubled youth, NM, 2006.
-Ojaleo Flamenco Fusion Ensemble, CO, Mexico, 2001-2006.
-Saltanah Mid-Eastern Ensemble w/Souhail Kaspar and Kailin Yong, CO, 2004-2006.
-Mojo Balkan Brass Band, CO 2004-2006.
-Sherefe Mediterranean Ensemble, CO, NM, 2001-2004.

Teaching/Co-facilitation Credits:
-Gateway Apprenticeship Home school Program w/Sage Hamilton, CO, 2009-present.
-Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana Project Olé Arts in Education Programs, NY, NC, AK, MO, 2005-present.
-Founded the Hermanito Project initiative to raise funds for troubled youth, NM, CO, 2006.
-High school Dance fusion workshop, Japan, 2006.
-Various SomaSource™ body-centered transformational programs w/ Melissa Michaels for Wild Life Productions, LLC and Golden Bridge, including Surfing The Creative® International Youth Rites of Passage Program, CO, NM, HI, New Zealand, India, Australia 2002-present.
-Established Vocal Authenticity private teaching practice, 2002-present.

Discography:                                                                                                                                                     -“Sensual” by Meagan Chandler, 2013 Grasshopper.                                                                                -“Love and Emma Goldman: A Rock Operal” (as Emma) by S.J. Moody and J. Bleich, 2012 Grasshopper.    -“Ariana Saraha Live at Immersive Studios” (selected tracks), 2010 independent.
-“Circus Luminous” (selected tracks) by Jeremy Bleich, 2008 Grasshopper.
-“Medjool” by Medjool, 2008 Grasshopper.
-“Demo” by Meagan Chandler, self produced 2006.
-“DownTemple Dub: Roots” (selected tracks) with Desert Dwellers, 2009 White Swan Records.
-“Earth Tones” (selected tracks) with Benny Tones, 2005 Fresh.
-“Agua y Sombra” by Steve Mullins and Meagan Chandler, 2005 Rhythm Muse.
-“Ojaleo” by Ojaleo, 2003 Rhythm Muse.
-“Animal Dreams” (selected tracks) with Dave Crowder, 2002 CCM

2009-present: Mentorship in Authentic Education with Sage Hamilton, CO.
2010: Estill Voice Training™ level one and two with Judith Dunlore, CA.
2009: Soulcentric Dreaming and Underworld Journey Rites of passage work with Bill Plotkin.
2007-present: Wing Chung Gung Fu with Kurt Saenz, NM.
2006-2008: Flamenco studies with Yiyi, Chuscales, Felix de Lola, Antonio Hidalgo.
2004: Middle Eastern Music and dance camp with Souhail Kaspar, Mamak Khedem, Nasr Musa, CA.
2002-2005: Apprenticeship to Jenna Woods and Oyna Music in Motion Women’s program, CO.
2002-present: Apprenticeship to SomaSource™ body-centered transformational programs w/Melissa Michaels
2001-present: Karate and Self defense at Way of the Crane with Melony Murphy, CO.
2001-2006: Professional Music mentoring with Steve Mullins, CO.
2000: Rites of passage experience, Morrocco.
2000: Flamenco studies w/Ana Maria Lopez and La Chiqui de Jerez, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
1994-1999: Flamenco dance with Rebekah West, CO.
1992-1999: Jazz/Piano/Music theory with Larry Frey, CO.

(References are available upon request)