“Meagan Chandler speaks many diverse languages, actively building bridges between each. She sings the body open and dances her music into every room she enters. Whether she is leading a workshop or serenading a taxi driver, she is always opening hearts, inviting every one to find their own authentic voice in the good company of her love and fierce creative fire. Meagan has courageously turned her personal pain into potent medicine for the planet. Any one having the opportunity to study with her, dance to her, or witness her is deeply blessed. She is a brilliant light, clear and attuned, available to shine upon those in need and to ignite those ready to find their own light. Go see her. Dance with her. Sing with her. Meagan is a treasure.”

~Melissa Michaels (Founder of Somasource, Wild Life Productions and Golden Bridge)

“Meagan is an impeccable, inspiring, and compassionate soul.  She is one of the most conscientious teachers I’ve ever witnessed, and an utterly transfixing performing artist.  Working with her in any capacity is a blessing ~ she exponentially increases beauty in everything she takes part in, and uplifts all those around her to their very best.”

~Ariana Saraha (Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire)

“Meagan is a master of Flamenco and Middle Eastern Vocal Stylization.  She is well studied and accurate and brings to the piece her own soul and individualization as well.  As a teacher she is kind, patient and able to reach each person at their level and share with them how to access the sound with their voice.  She is able to explain biologically how our voices work and how to shape our vocal cords to create sound.  She knows how to breathe and how our mouths are formed to create the correct sound in different genres.  She is frankly amazing!  Her own music is growing and evolving all the time.  She is a poet and a muse.  She has so much life experience which she shares in her music.  She can lift us to euphoria and also seek out our hidden experience and bring one to tears.  Personally, she is wise beyond her years.  She is my mentor and dearest friend.  She is soft and feminine and I have seen her as warrior, protector and advocate.   She is integrally involved in helping young people transition from childhood to adulthood with tools that she has shared with me and helped me with my own life transitions.  I love her with all of my heart.”

~Beth Beaver (Managing Director of Sadaqah Middle Eastern Ensemble, NM)

“As we randomly bump and collide with people in this lifetime, one comes to the realization that there are few encounters that truly make an indelible impression. The whirlwind, sirocco, haboob called Meagan Chandler is one such encounter. Am I saying she’s a blinding, stinging oppressive wind? No! She is someone who will sweep you off your feet into landscapes you never knew existed, terrains of beauty, joy and heartbreak. But, you must be open to the journey. There is no one in this world who has the ability to navigate through so many genres: Middle Eastern, Jazz, Flamenco, Bulgarian, Pop… But it’s too easy to say that Meagan is a talented vocalist; the hard part is accessing the deep emotion and experience within.  And after listening – or better yet, meeting – this artist, you will understand that you have been touched by a unique presence…kinda like being touched by a tornado.”

~ Yves C. Lucero (Writer, Guitarist, Composer, Eccentric and brilliant artist)

“Meagan Chandler’s accompaniment for flamenco dance is dependably adherent to tradition and attentive to each moment on stage. Her voice is inspiring for it’s beauty, depth of feeling, and authenticity of spirit. Her presence is an attribute to every show in which she participates.”

~Julia Chacon (Flamenco dancer, choreographer, teacher, director of Inspiracion Flamenca)

“The year Meagan spent in Southern Spain has given her a wonderful grasp of the Spanish language and an ability to sing flamenco in all its forms. The flamenco art-form itself is so powerful because of its emotionality and this along with a supportive teacher such as Meagan helps the students lose any fear or self-consciousness they might have. I have been amazed at Meagan’s ability to reach children. She has developed a technique which supports the students and arouses their interest in learning. There is no fear or intimidation on her part and the students quickly pick this up and follow her with great excitement. Her self-assuredness is important as she stands in front of a class. She can discipline and encourage at the same time and has a sense of humor that our children appreciate.”

~Carlota Santana (Founder of Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana and Project Ole)

“The children and I love having Meagan work with us.  She understands how to work with children.   Her enthusiasm and creativity just won their hearts over and brought such vitality to our creative endeavors.   She is a brilliant educator, vocalist and choreographer – a born and gifted teacher!”

~Sage Hamilton (Teacher, Master Storyteller, Founder of Gateway Apprenticeship Program)